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Take a Break

In the past, I’d typically spend lunch at my desk. Oh sure, I’d have my lean cuisine but I’d spend my hour surfing the internet or running errands. I was also getting super burned out. The days seemed like they … Continue reading

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Managing Domain Names

Recently, we here at TXAD Internet have been noticing a alarming trend that we thought we should share and get the word out about. That trend revolves around keeping track of the domain names associated with your website (or lack … Continue reading

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Absolutely Adding Analytics (Alliteration)

We recently came across a website (not ours) that looked very plain. Not just aesthetically but even on the back-end. Now, I’m just a novice compared to Supasmo and ChrisB but even I can tell when a site doesn’t have the … Continue reading

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Migrating to HTML5

If you’ve had your website for some time and haven’t updated/upgraded it, perhaps you’ve never heard of the term HTML5. Or maybe you have, but don’t know what it means or how it can affect your online presence. HTML stands … Continue reading

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Roadrunner Park Gets New Website/Mobile Site

Much like former president Lyndon Johnson brought light to the Texas Hill Country, TXAD Internet Services is bringing the Internet to an RV park in LBJ’s hometown of Johnson City.Roadrunner RV Park, in Johnson City, Texas, now has a new … Continue reading

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Happy Friday!

As is the case with every job, school, or other activity that you complete on a daily basis, at some point you’ll see people trudging to and from, even if its something they enjoy! This was no exception where I … Continue reading

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How Does Adaptive Design Work?

As a follow-up to Seth’s latest post, I thought I might do a bit of a breakdown on a type of responsive website, called an Adaptive website, and why it’s beneficial. First and foremost, a full-sized adaptive website will function … Continue reading

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Responsive Website Design

I came across a good article the other day regarding responsive website (Article) design and it got me thinking. For those that are unaware what responsive design is; It is a method of developing a website in a way to … Continue reading

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Good is Good

While browsing through my weekly readings, I happened upon an article titled What if Doing Good Was Good For Profits?, by Nicolas Bordas. In it, he describes that CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives are experiencing a large boom, as brands … Continue reading

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Content is King

I recently read a story about the Drudge Report and how it recently eclipsed one billion page views per month. That’s a ’1′ followed by nine zeroes. Ridic. The funny part is how it got there. Look at the website! … Continue reading

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