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Do you still Yahoo?

For anyone that uses Yahoo, you may or may not have noticed something different every day you went to check your email or read the news. Yahoo has decided to change their logo, but unlike most companies or organizations, it … Continue reading

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20 Years ago…

The first website went online on April 30th, 1993. Relatively few people were probably privileged enough to even see such a thing, much less have a way to get to it. Many of the websites that came a short period … Continue reading

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Retina and Web Design

In this day and age, one does not simply create a website. They have to create a website to work with a plethora of different devices. One feature that hasn’t been discussed a lot is how websites will respond on … Continue reading

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An award-winning example of good usability.

Usability is something that all designers and developers, no matter their background, should strive for with their product. Sometimes the simplest looking designs end up being the best at accomplishing that task. Here’s a perfect example: Yes, it’s a … Continue reading

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You may or may not notice this, but…

The browser you’re using right now is running one of a few different rendering engines. Internet Explorer uses Trident, Firefox uses Gecko, and the majority of other browsers use Webkit. You’ll find Webkit in Safari, Chrome, and the default browsers … Continue reading

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Another reason why going mobile is important.

One of my old classmates posted an article which shows that searching from mobile devices is booming. The total number of searchers in this country using mobile phones grew about 26 percent between March and December of last year, from … Continue reading

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Parks Tout Upgraded Websites through TXAD

Port O’Connor RV Park in Texas and America’s Best Campground in Missouri are among the growing number of private parks across the country that are starting the New Year with newly upgraded or redesigned websites, according to a news release. “We just went … Continue reading

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Well, that didn’t last long…

The battery on my HTC Radar 4G is definitely not lasting as long as it used to, and the phone doesn’t realize that it’s charging the battery (I’ll eventually have to restart it before it shuts itself off thinking that … Continue reading

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Ahead in 2013

As we approach the new year here at TXAD Internet, it amazes me to see where we’re headed, with technology as well as on the internet. Many people now realize that one helps shape the other, and vise versa. Recently, … Continue reading

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Roadrunner Park Gets New Website/Mobile Site

Much like former president Lyndon Johnson brought light to the Texas Hill Country, TXAD Internet Services is bringing the Internet to an RV park in LBJ’s hometown of Johnson City.Roadrunner RV Park, in Johnson City, Texas, now has a new … Continue reading

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