Content is King

I recently read a story about the Drudge Report and how it recently eclipsed one billion page views per month. That’s a ’1′ followed by nine zeroes. Ridic.

The funny part is how it got there. Look at the website!

That’s it. There’s text (courier bold) and photos. THAT’S. IT. And it’s awesome. Drudge has built a cottage industry based on a link farm and ran with it.

However, this does prove a very valuable point: it’s all about a clean, simple look combined with interesting, relevant information. No matter what your website looks like, if people are interested in what you have to say, they’re going to listen. As a business, this means constantly updating your website using a clean look, as evidenced by Drudge’s three column approach.

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Michael Moore is an Account Executive and General Manager at Texas Advertising and has been there for seven and a half years. He now leads internal operations including cross platform marketing.
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